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Harry Goldson Plays

Bringing its singular style to small band jazz, The Harry Goldson Jazz Ensemble's latest album, Flirtations, sets out to broaden the dimensions of classic jazz. From innovative transformations of the swing-influenced music from the forties...to the exciting contemporary rhythms of Afro-Latin jazz...listening to the ensemble reminds us that good music can be good jazz...and good jazz can be good music.

The music in this album connotes a saucy flirtatious flavor and a sense of adventurous romance. The ballads are sensuous...the up-tempo pieces fiery. Each carefully selected jazz classic takes on a totally different rhythmic and harmonic form. And whatever the setting, the music always swings, sure and steady.

Flirtations (Harry's eighth album) is an album for the twenty-first century. Jazz for listening, jazz for dancing, jazz for every mood. Hopefully, other fine small bands will follow Harry's lead in presenting real music that brings back the kind of jazz everyone can enjoy. - Martin Berliner

Track List
  1. Bye Bye Blackbird (Mort Dixon) 7:45
  2. Corcavado (Quiet Nights & Stars) (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 6:51
  3. Cheesecake (Dexter Gordon) 6:18
  4. Everything I Have Is Yours (Harold Adamson) 6:01
  5. Jeepers Creepers (Where'd You Get Those Peepers) (Harry Warren) 6:39
  6. Lover (Richard Rogers) 6:55
  7. Polkadots and Moonbeams (Jimmy Van Heusen) 6:27
  8. You Go To My Head (J. Fred Coots) 7:22
  9. Poinciana (Nat Simon) 4:24
  10. Django (John Lewis) 7:11
  11. Sea Changes (Tommy Flanagan) 6:09
Clarinet: Harry Goldson
Vibraphone: Jim Cooper
Bass & Cello: Larry Gray
Piano: David Hay
Drums: Leon Joyce
Producer: Harry Goldson
Recording and Mastering: Scott Steinman
Assistant Engineer: Aaron Seckman
Liner Notes: Martin Berliner

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